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the Sacred Feminine Retreat

A Journey to Expand, Activate & Embody Self

Meet Your Facilitators

Join us and deeply connect to self, nature, & the power of a sisterhood through Breathwork, Vinyasa & Yin yoga, Meditation and more in this 5 night, 6 day yoga retreat at the beautiful Sunrise Mountain Retreat Center in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. Meet Renee & Monica, Light Workers, Healers, and Passionate Guides for all souls on their journey to embodied healing & wellness.

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meet RENEE

Energy Movement Specialist & Embodiment Facilitator
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It took me over a year to find my first retreat, one that spoke to me.  I felt like I was at a standstill in my life and needed a boost.  I didn't even know what I was looking for, I. just knew I needed something.  I was feeling all the things that made me question what I was doing and why am I settling for being content.

So I booked my first retreat and immediately felt like I did something wrong and started to panic.  I felt like I was being selfish in taking time for myself in this way, like I was letting everyone down that counted on me.  

It was the best decision I could have made.  After 5 days in the jungle of Costa Rica I came home a changed women.

I found HER again, the woman that was trapped inside for so many years.  I felt like I even glowed differently.  

At the moment I realized that my fire and passion for connection extended beyond just me.  It will illuminate the way for other women like me on their journey back home to themselves...back home to their sanctuary of self. 

It was from this place of illumination, inspiration and deep soulful connection with myself that I created my first international retreat, the Sanctuary of Self Retreat... I was inspired and intuitively guided to create this sacred space for other women like you and me.  

Be inspired and connected with me.  I cannot wait to share this experience with you.


Divine Feminine Embodiment
Facilitator & Sacred Space Healer
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I have been that girl that desperately tried to fit in, the one that everyone liked. I got lost in being a mom of 5 children, a Nurse, a Healer, a Yoga teacher and a Wife. Who was I under all these hats I wore? I knew there was more to me than taking care of everyone else, putting everyone else first and feeling so empty, depleted and burnt out at the end of the day. 

I began this self discovery journey a few times in my life usually with a big life change like a divorce. The last time was the final time when I said "I am IMPORTANT" I realized that the most important relationship is the one we have with ourself. If I am on empty I have nothing to give my kids, my partners, and my clients. Who am I? What do I actually DESIRE? 

This journey began with that question. The unravelling, unprogramming and REMEMBRANCE of who I am began. 

Now every morning I give to myself first with embodiment practices that FILL My heart, soul and body. This is the way of the FEMININE to BE, to SOFTEN, to OPEN, to PLAY and be FREE. 

I left a toxic marriage, I moved to my dream home, I left my soul sucking career and I am now living the life of my dreams with a FULLness. 

I want to share with you how. I want to empower you to know that you can do this too. We are the Creators of our own reality. 

Who are you? What do you desire? How do you want to spend your life? 

Your home away from home...

Sunrise Mountain Retreat & Wellness Center

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

We are so honoured to be guest facilitators at this incredible retreat center.  For 5 nights and 6 days you will be pampered in luxury at this exclusive and intimate jungle top retreat center.  


This Balinese style retreat sanctuary is perched in the luscious jungle above the eclectic surf village of Santa Teresa.  Every inch was designed to nurture and support your every need in ultimate relaxation and luxury. Rejuvenate as you suspend from the edge of the salt pools enjoying the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.  

Modern open-air design meets the cool touch of rustic jungle elements in 3 unique Balinese style Villas, each one with its own integrated swimming pool surrounded by tropical gardens.  


To learn more about the retreat center click below.

**Due to the guidelines that are in place, pricing packages for your experience are available by request**

**Generally flights, transportation, accommodations and alcohol are not included in packages.  Due to travel policies, pricing for experiences like this, pricing is not allowed to be posted.  Contact me for complete package info.  I am  not a travel agent, I am a guest facilitator at the retreat center and will direct you to the appropriate channels for payment.**

Join Us in Costa Rica!

Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Teresa. 

Click the link below to set up a 1:1 call with me to customize your experience.

Let the transformation begin!

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