Welcome to August 😎

Hello my friends and welcome to August!

It is hard to believe that it is already August ...its crazy how quickly times shift. In this new changing and evolving COVID world, circumstances have changed for small business everywhere and it is time for us to make some changes to serve you better.

I have spent the past several months evolving and changing too. Spent lots of time in reflection and introspection and then action ..lots of action. I welcomed the change, to be honest, and the freedom and fresh perspective it brought. Some things worked (of which I am grateful) and other efforts didn’t work as well as I had hoped. And that’s ok too. It’s all a learning curve. I am taking a half step back so that I can bring this business two steps forwards and serve you better!

Here are the things that will remain the same:

  • my passion to connect with you in practice

  • my commitment to bring you truly inspiring content in each class

  • always here for any and all of your questions

  • the website and the monthly membership will continue to provide classes that you love in an inspiring and exciting new way!

Here are some things you can expect to change:

  • members receive unlimited access to ALL NEW class library

  • exclusive weekly LIVE STREAM CLASSES for members

  • One FREE Facebook live class for ALL biweekly

Thank you for being a part of my community and for supporting me and my passion for connecting through yoga. I am excited to take this next step forward with all of you in this new and evolving business climate.

Breathe. Connect. Thrive.



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