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Engage ~ Warrior Vinyasa Flow

All Welcome Tuesday's 6pm

  • Starts Jan 16, 2024
  • 230 Canadian dollars
  • Keys Crescent

Available spots

Service Description

10 Week Winter Series January 16- March 19, 2024 First, reserve your spot, then confirm with payment to This 10 Week series will focus on building connection, strength and stability in the hips and lower back. We will focus our intention on connecting to and activating the muscles that make the hips move, including the glutes, quads hamstrings inner/outer thighs, lower back muscles and total lower body. Energetically we focus on our connection to Root Chakra. Root chakra (Muladhara) is our energetic center located at the base of your spine and is responsible for our connection to earth, stability, feeling of being grounded and secure, our sense of safety and being in present moment Vinyasa Warrior Flow is a fun and engaging vinyasa flow class that adds a little flare and fun to your movement. This class will change your perspective on movement and connection. To shift our belief that movement and exercise/yoga is boring and underwhelming. The truth is, yoga and movement in our studio is everything you need it to be...the perfect balance of strength, engagement, fun, energy and peace. This class will engage you and encourage you to have fun. You will smile every second. From a 'yoga' perspective this class is a balance between movement and stillness, engagement and existence. In flow yoga practice we explore ways to stimulate our energy while creating space and connection between physical, emotional and mental body. Yoga Flow enhances core stability, improves mobility and range of motion, boosts mood, grants flexibility helps to regulate emotions. Enjoying your favourite morning refreshment as you practice is just icing on the cake! Some experience suggested Heat building, muscle engaging and toning, stretching, mindfulness, breathing practice

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations for group class must be at least 12hrs before scheduled class time to receive credit to your account. Cancellation of a group class inside of the 12hr of scheduled class time will be granted for medical emergencies only. Please contact Renee directly via phone call or text at (519)994-2159. Cancellations for private practice must be 24hrs advance of the scheduled time. Cancellation of a private practice inside the 24hrs of scheduled class time will be granted for medical emergencies only. Please contact Renee directly via phone call or text at (519)994-2159

Contact Details

  • 519.994.2159

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