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Inspiring energy and strength in mind, body and spirit. Holding space for personal growth, limitless freedom and abundance. A place of acceptance, mutual respect and empowerment. 


for the MIND

The practice of yoga has many powerful healing tools that naturally occur.  The practices' intention is to move energy in the body through asana sequencing, breath work and mindfulness.​ With these tools practiced you will experience:

  • stress management, mood enhancement, reduced depression and anxiety

  • balanced energy throughout the body

  • improved emotional resilience

  • greater sense of realignment in your relationship with self and others

Stretching on a Mat

for the BODY

This body weight movement practice empowers the yogi to experience movement in their body in a way that is subtle, compassionate and mindful. Empowering each yogi to feel into their body in the moment.  Through consistent practice you may experience: 

  • improved strength, balance, mobility, stability 

  • weight management/loss and improved body composition

  • increased protection and recovery from injury

  • improved heart health, circulation and decreased inflammation 

Yoga Session

for the SOUL

Yoga gives permission to be fully present in life. Yoga fosters the yogi's relationship with themselves and the greater powers all around them.  When you are able to connect to something that is greater than yourself you may experience:  

  • deeper mindfulness and self awareness with mediation and movement

  • a renewed sense of peace, serenity, calmness and clarity

  • shif towards a more positive state of mind 

  • a deeper connection of self to Universal source energy and community

Veedha with Renee - Veedha Yoga - Guelph_ Ontario - Guelph Yoga Studio - Veedha Studio - Y

RENEE has an UNCANNY KNOWLEDGE of ANATOMY and uses this UNDERSTANDING to create YOGA flows, STRETCHING and ROLL-OUT routines that not only CHALLENGE us, but HEAL us.  "

- Emma B.

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Veedha with Renee - Veedha Yoga - Guelph_ Ontario - Guelph Yoga Studio - Veedha Studio - Y
-Carol S.
Simple Minimalist Testimonial Instagram Post.png

"Renee provides a unique yoga experience.  It is fun, challenging and inspiring.  I leave the studio feeling stronger, in mind and in body, excited for next weeks practice!

-Kelly B.
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"I started with Renee about a 1 year ago, I have a back issue so I was not sure how it would go.  One year later I am stronger mentally and physically more than I ever thought possible.  With Renee's guidance I have learned how to breathe in the moment and realize my true potential.  One amazing instructor who genuinely cares about YOU!!"


-Emma B.
Simple Minimalist Testimonial Instagram Post.png

I approached Renee about 9mo. ago when a knee injury forced me out of sports...coming from a sports background herself Renee was well versed in the roll sports plays in our mental and physical well my husband and I continue our semi private sessions and wonder why we didn't start sooner.  Renee has an uncanny knowledge of anatomy and uses this understanding to create yoga flows, stretching and roll-out routines that not only challenge us but heal us.  We thoroughly enjoy her sense of humour and the workout she leads.  I have much more confidence that despite my knee injury I will have a future in fitness (and consequently happiness) now that I'm training with Renee.


" I leave the STUDIO feeling STRONGER, in MIND and in BODY..."

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Veedha Yoga welcomes Barbara Dametto, founder of Breathe True Yoga, yoga instructor, expressive arts facilitator and sound healer.  Join us  for an afternoon workshop that explores dancing with the inspiration of the 5 elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether.


The 5 elements offer diverse opportunities to explore personal movement

because they lend themselves so uniquely and perfectly to self-expression. For example, our earth body moves heavy, low, slow, and soft with qualities of groundedness and inertia. Our fire bodies move quickly, angular, explosive, and jagged with qualities of wildness and combustion. As we explore all 5 elements, we become more skilled and confident in our bodies which can only assist us in everyday life.


This workshop will be divided into two parts:


  • Part One will be an exploration of the 5 elements and how their qualities can influence the way we express ourselves through movement/dance. We will go through each of the 5 elements separately and explore them independently, with partners, and as a group. I will offer skilled instruction, appropriate guidance and music, and hand-outs.


  • Part Two will be an hour-long "Elemental Dance" event whereby a music playlist, representing the 5 sections, will be played non-stop for us to dance freestyle and incorporate some of the movement skills learned and practice in Part One. This part will be fun, invigorating, personal, communal, sacred, and transformational!


Please dress comfortably, bring a journal and pen, and a water bottle.


When: Saturday, March 5th, 2-4:30 pm.

Where: Veedha Yoga Studio- 45 Keys Crescent, Guelph, ON.

Investment in Self:  $75


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