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Guelph, ON


Tel: 519-994-2159



How much are classes and what are my payment options?

At this time online payments are preferred: etransfer or direct through website Where do you go: - In navigation click - Book online --> Choose option ( In studio $18 / Purchase Class Pass $165 ) Etransfer Payment: Please contact Renee to reserve spot in studio - 519-994-2159 PRICES: In- studio see above Monthly ALL ACCESS Subscription $25/month VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM class $8 (live access at time of class and for and additional 24hrs) Rent from video library: prices vary based on length of class

Can I try a class for free?

Yes you can try out some of my class styles. I have many free segments on my website under the 'foundations' channel.

How to become an 'ALL ACCESS Virtual Monthly Subscriber'?

Go to our "Video Library" Page and Subscribe in top video player and click subscribe. Only $25 a month (cancel anytime). Subscription includes all the videso in all of the channels as well as all VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM classes

What type of yoga do you teach?

Great question! Please see my "About" page and under "My Focus & Approach" you can find detailed descriptions of the classes at Veedha. Click Here: About Page

How are we staying safe in OUTDOOR studio - COVID-19 Protocols (last updated June 19/21)

1. There are only 9 mat's in the outdoor studio 3 METERS spaced giving room to breathe. 2. One hour prior to the class every client is send covid screening questions to ensure we are safety in class 3. Masks are worn upon entry and exsit of outdoor studio. Once students are on their mat, mask can be removed if you wish 4. Upon entrance hand sanitizer is required before entry and Renee will direct you to your designated mat 5. clients leave studio one at a time to ensure you do not cross paths 6. All of these protocols will be adhered to when Veedha is in the park I (Renee) and fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and encourage everyone to get vaccinated and do their part to ensure a safe community for us to live!

Where do I find the link for the VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM class?

When virtual live stream classes are scheduled they will be added under the 'ALL ACCESS CHANNEL' through the WEBSITE ONLY (not through WIX app) *GO TO THE 'VIDEO LIBRARY & CHANNELS' page on the website (not the WIX app) * click the 'ALL ACCESS CHANNEL' (very first channel listed). *the VIRTUAL LIVE STREAM class will appear in the top left corner as a icon and a countdown timer will tell you how long until the class. Dont forget to add the option to add it to your calendar *You will have an option to purchase, just click the icon and follow prompts. **ALL ACCESS SUBSCRIBERS have all live stream classes included in their monthly subscription