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Veedha Yoga's Indoor Studio Classes are on pause 


The Virtual Studio is OPEN!


To honour this phase of government mandated protocols all in person studio classes are on pause.  

NOW all regularly scheduled classes will be LIVE STREAMED in the virtual studio beginning Wednesday January 5, 2020 until further notice.  

On-line sign up required (sign up through virtual studio)

We will continue to move forward together

Thank you for your patience.


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BOOKING & class RESERVATION process...

For Now booking your next practice will be a little different.  

However the same great feeling you will get from practice will remain the same!

Simply sign in, and sign up for your LIVE STREAM virtual class by clicking the link below.  

This link will direct you to the virtual studio where all of the classes will be streamed from depending on the class you are participating in.

Here are some helpful tips on registering for your time in the virtual studio:

*all live streamed classes will be found in the SCHEDULE, however do not sign up through the schedule

* sign in then click on the VIRTUAL STUDIO link in menu bar

*all of the live streamed classes will be streamed from certain channels based on the STYLE OF YOGA

(ex. Saturday is Hatha style and will be streamed from the HATHA CHANNEL, Tuesday Yin Restorative will be streamed from the YIN RESTORATIVE CHANNEL)

*there is a 'calendar' icon in the top left corner of the channels that are streaming classes

*click on the channel (style of yoga) you want

*the live stream classes will be the first class(es) you will see

*if there is more than one class offered in that style just simply click through until you find the date and time you want

*then click on the 'rent CA$10' tab follow the prompts to register for that virtual class

*you will be able to enjoy that class for 48hr after the live class

Please be patient as we navigate through this process.  It is important we all stay together and connect how we can