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My Approach to Roll, Release, & Mobility

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Intensity Level - None

No experience necessary

Created by Jill Miller The Roll Model® Method allows you to start from where you are at in your body and helps you increase mobility, range of motion while targeting the painful spots in the body and brings self-care to the everyday life.

"The Roll Model® Method is a simple self-treatment system that teaches you to use a variety of grippy, pliable rubber balls to eradicate your aches and pains and reform your body from the inside out. It helps you with the 3 P's: pain, posture and performance-erasing pain, improving posture and enhancing performance. It helps to identify body blind spots: areas of your body that are catalysts for pain and injury. These areas are often overused, underused, or misused..." (Jill Miller, Tune Up Fitness Worldwide,Inc. 2010, 2018)

"The Roll Model® Method empowers you to take healing into your own hands. You’ll find stories of people who have triumphed over chronic pain, illness, emotional trauma and prevented surgery by using the transformative Roll Model® Method and its specialized Therapy Balls." ~ Jill Miller,

In studio, I weave the therapy balls into the yin (stretching) part of the class. Based on the needs of the students and the type of work we are doing in the class that day we will use a variety of techniques and sizes. Everyone is different and I encourage my class to use their own discretion...if it feels good today great if the body is not feeling open to the sensation then simply stay with the stretch. I encourage my class to ask questions about the system itself and the sensations they are feeling as it really helps them to understand what is going on as their body is adapting, adjusting and releasing from the sensation. I have the complete set of therapy balls for you to use while in class, as well as a full stock of therapy balls for you to purchase and enjoy at home. Please see pricing below if you are interested.

Many of my yogi have described it as a 'love hate relationship', in the moment they may not be so keen as to the sensation as it could be more intense than they thought, yet they love the feeling of body after and feel the affects of the softer more supple tissue for hours or days later.

In the year, I also offer Roll Model® workshops to learn how to use the self massage system. Each workshop is usually 2-3hours in length, focuses on one major area of the body at a time (ex. hips or knees, or upper back), teaches you about the physiology and mechanics of the body and so much more. The workshop size is limited to 10 to ensure a very intimate and personalized experience for each participant. No experience is necessary. I also provide you with a handout to take home as well as many resources to get your started. Stay tuned to my schedule for upcoming workshops.

If you would like to purchase these incredibly powerful and transformative little gems please connect with me, I have full stock ready for you. The cost is in Canadian dollars with taxes/duty/shipping included (all products are shipped from the USA).

Enjoy a little discount as a token of my appreciation.

Complete set (all 4 sizes)......$85

Original Size.....$25

Plus Size.....$27



If you have pain in your body I can help you find relief at home or at your office, in your car...anywhere. This system is easy to use and helps relieve your strain and pain immediately.

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