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Welcome to October ...the next phase and my change in perspective

Hello my are YOU doing?

Outside of this picture frame the optics and feel is much different; there are still lots of barren trees and fallen leaves, however, the colour is dark and the feel is gloomy. No vibrancy, no life, yet the only thing I am memorized by is the beauty of this little section of my path/journey. Its the same forest and I am on the same path, just my perspective changes based on this one small little detail.....light and vibrant colour.

This is so profound to me, how one small little detail can change my perspective so dramatically and have such an impact on my mood. I walk here everyday, just so that I can be in awe and experience this beauty, I smile and stand there just to take it in...I am in no rush to move.

In our world right now, with every turn of the head there are statistics, stories, events, truths (the list goes on) that bring about fear, sadness and confusion. What if we each could do just one thing (even just a comforting hello) that brings light and vibrancy? and that one thing could turn into two, three or even ten things. What if? One thought/action has the potential to change a life.

If I am being honest, I am doing pretty well all things considered. My life since the onset of this pandemic has been quite hectic and full of ups and downs to say the least, and in spite of all of it, here I am today, Oct.2, 2020 doing very well. Of course, like everyone else I had lots of moments/days/weeks where things were dark, sad, lonely and down right shitty. and being honest there are still days where I see the world through that lens.... and yet I am OK!

How is your 'OK" going?

Every waking day brings new tasks, challenges, greatness, joy, sadness and everything in between. How we perceive these things in our lives dictates how we live and our level of happiness. Try to keep that lens bright and clear vs. smudged and cloudy. I am not suggesting we say 'everything is hunky dory' (a saying my mom has always said that still makes me cringe yet here I am using it) when it clearly is not. I'm offering a perspective that accepts the truths of our circumstances and yet live happy in spite of our circumstance. See and honour the blessings that we have even if we can only count one blessing, it is worth its weight in gold.

For example, as I watch the COVID numbers in our province and country go up I cant help but say "well s**t here we go again" (then pour myself a glass of gin soda and roll my eyes), and in the next breath I say "ya but we have been here before and we've got this". Its about perspective. Yes, we are still here in this god awful storm, and I am still washing my hands 1000 times a day (but loving it i wont lie....for those that read my blog on my journey will get this inside joke) but we have gained knowledge and experience on how to move through, like being given extra paddles and life jackets to get through this tough ride. That is so valuable. We will weather this storm again, have faith.

What will you do the same this time around? What needs to change to make it better?

I look back to the beginning of the pandemic/quarantine and take stock on all of the things I did to get through the isolation and fear. I am grateful of all the things that I chose to do even though it was bloody hard. The easy part for me is to live in fear, that's what my ego defaults to. The challenge for me is to create a perspective that is positive goal oriented and then hold myself accountable to that perspective. How do you manage this?

Everyday do just one thing that is good for you (whole body) whatever that is, start with one thing (may I suggest yoga, I happen to know someone that is pretty good and would love to help ;)....) That one choice will have an incredible impact on your mood and body and will then in turn influence those around you. Again, we can only control ourselves and how we choose to perceive the situation around us. Even in the worst of times there are blessings and gifts.

It is not too late to make changes, to take control and then make lemonade out of the crappy lemons that we have been dealt this year. We do not have to live in fear or without control. I know you have it in you to make a difference, have the courage to start making a difference within you first. I heard this new adage and just love it...

'we are not all in the same boat, we are all in the same storm'.

Although my boat and your boat are different, my connection with you remains the same. I am here to help you through this storm and in turn you help me by taking my hand and trusting me. Together we will get through this.....again.


The light in me sees and honours the light in you!

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