Empowering & rejuvenating your mind, body & spirit through the power of yoga in Guelph,Ontario.


Inspiring energy and strength in mind, body and spirit. Holding space for personal growth, limitless freedom and abundance. A place of acceptance, mutual respect and empowerment. 

behind the PRACTICE...

Join me on this journey through life as you flow, strengthen and thrive alongside me in studio for live & guided online classes incorporating a variety of styles from Vinyasa and Yin to Roll Model Method® therapy ball training...

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come learn about the POWER of YOGA for the MIND, BODY, & SOUL...

Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yugi’ meaning ‘yoke’ or union, yoga is an ancient practice that brings together mind, body and spirit.  Which is the cornerstone of our practice here at Veedha Yoga Studio.

Through my teachings you will experience the power of yoga, as we integrate all aspects of the mind, body and soul.  Holding space to feel into your body and harness its power and potential while softening your mind to quiet the thoughts. 

STUDIO classes


Enjoy a variety of in-studio classes to suit your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.   From heat building movement (strength and stability) classes to yin restorative (stretch and rejuvenate) classes


Custom workshops uniquely designed and aligned to the physical body with the goals of improving mobility, increasing strength and promoting healing. Providing you with the tools to feel good in your life.  

PRIVATE practice

Custom designed 1:1 practice tailored to your lifestyle and needs.  Integrating all aspects of the mind (emotional), body (physical) and soul (spiritual) into your practice.  


Customized sport specific yoga training for the athlete or team.  Offered in studio or at your teams facility.  Our program offers a variety of modalities to elevate athletic performance both physically and mentally.

Enjoy the Veedha Experience on demand from the comfort and safety of your home, or in office on your break. Enjoy total freedom with monthly subscriptions or pay-as-you-go rentals...

the VIRTUAL studio

" RENEE has an UNCANNY KNOWLEDGE of ANATOMY and uses this UNDERSTANDING to create YOGA flows, STRETCHING and ROLL-OUT routines that not only CHALLENGE us, but HEAL us..."

I approached Renee about 9mo. ago when a knee injury forced me out of sports...coming from a sports background herself Renee was well versed in the roll sports plays in our mental and physical well being...today my husband and I continue our semi private sessions and wonder why we didn't start sooner.  Renee has an uncanny knowledge of anatomy and uses this understanding to create yoga flows, stretching and roll-out routines that not only challenge us but heal us.  We thoroughly enjoy her sense of humour and the workout she leads.  I have much more confidence that despite my knee injury I will have a future in fitness (and consequently happiness) now that I'm training with Renee

- Emma B.

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OCTOBER 30th (11am)
the Roll Model ® Method by Yoga Tune Up Workshop Series : the HIPS

Learn how to massage and manage your body aches with these 9  Roll Model® Method techniques and eradicate your pain at home.  This 3 part series will investigate the HIPS and explore all of the areas of the body that connect to the hips and make mobility challenging. 

Next session for Hip series
October 30th 2021
(individual session)

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the Roll Model ® Method by Yoga Tune Up
: the HIPS workshop series...