I believe that strength, your fire and passion comes from within...somewhere deep inside beyond our conscious mind!  That place that we go to when we close our eyes and ask for strength and take a deep breath!
This is where I will take you in that place you can connect with your intention, your breath, that place of passion, that place where you can conquer and achieve your greatest self and grow beyond your limits.
 Close your eyes and imagine...a self that is strong in physical body, balanced and calm in mind with a heart so open you can feel for yourself and for this life then be able forgive and let go from a place of peace! 
From your yoga  mat, with your intention and  with my sequences and practice I will take you a place of heightened awareness and sensation!!
Through creative and intimate practices, learn to move the body in strength and softness, through intention and letting go!
Come practice with me and rediscover your body, open your mind and unlock your inner power.. body and mind!  
Explore your inner God and Goddess one practice at a time!

About Veedha Yoga


What We Offer


 Group classes include power yoga, hatha, flow (variations of  flow), therapy ball rolling classes and yin restorative.  Within classes we use many props to enhance your practice (bands, core disks, bolsters, blocks, blankets, YTU therapy balls and more).  The class size is limited to 10 people to ensure personalized attention to the individual needs of each client.  The classes are infused with Reiki and hands on assists are offered to deepen your experience.  The classes are structured in sessions and vary in lengths (ex. 6 or 13 weeks). Pricing options vary (you can register for the full session or just a drop in class or a 10 class pass for any class you choose).  PRIVATE PRACTICE is offered based on the clients individual needs, your time and goals.  

Hot Stone Massage -Restorative yoga

A Reiki infused hot stone restorative treatment combines thermotherapy with restorative yoga postures to provide the ultimate relaxation treatment with elements of Reiki energy movement and healing.  The use of natural stones in conjunction with yin restorative yoga and specific stone placement helps channel the bodies inner desire and capacity for deep relaxation and restoration.  This coupled with the heat of the stones helps to balance and heal the body systems.  This treatment helps to increase circulation, assist in alleviating congestion in the body, relaxes tightness and tension in the body.  The entire experience soothes the parasympathetic nervous system and deepens our bodies ability to rest and restore and heals the body from the inside out. These sessions are a private practice setting. Please call the studio to book your appointment today!


Renee, a certified Roll Model Method ®instructor, leads  students  through the techniques and sequencing of The Roll Model Method®  in these 2-3 hour workshops. The Roll Model Method ® is a soft-tissue conditioning, self-care fitness format that uses the various Roll Model® Therapy Balls for self-myofascial release (self-massage). This includes breath work, elements of alignment, basic fascia/muscle geography, pain physiology, mental awareness and ball sequencing.  You will learn to...

· identify body blind spots 

· eradicate your own aches and pains 

· improve you posture 

· increase mobility 

· enhance breathing 

· enhance performance


Yoga Tune Up Teacher Training

Join us for 3-7 day trainings by certified Yoga Tune Up®  teacher trainer Lisa Hebert.  Each immersion will focus on different aspects of the body.  These courses are appropriate for students and movement educators who wish to deepen their knowledge and somatic understanding of the human body.  These immersions/trainings are limited to 12 participants. 

"I approached Renee about 9mo. ago when a knee injury forced me out of sports...coming from a sports background herself Renee was well versed in the roll sports plays in our mental and physical well my husband and I continue our semi private sessions and wonder why we didn't start sooner.  Renee has an uncanny knowledge of anatomy and uses this understanding to create yoga flows, stretching and roll-out routines that not only challenge us but heal us.  We thoroughly enjoy her sense of humour and the workout she leads.  I have much more confidence that despite my knee injury I will have a future in fitness (and consequently happiness) now that I'm training with Renee


Emma B.


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