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the VEEDHA experience


meet RENEE

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My passion for bodywork led me to all of my training. I have devoted my practice to finding a deeper energetic connection and understanding of the physical body and the energetics of our being.  I encourage my students to feel and be guided by the experience.  My knowledge of the body helps me guide each student through intentional movements of strength, alignment, connection and freedom. 

Come practice with me and feel good in your body....stay a while and transform your life.

Discover the Veedha Experience where VEEDHA = life

Veedha with Renee - Guelph_ Ontario - Yoga Studio - Yoga for all Skill Levels - Guelph Yog
Veedha with Renee - Guelph, Ontario - Yoga Studio - Workshops - Therapy Balls - Roll Model
  • Reiki Master, Usui Holy Fire 

  • Trauma Informed yoga certified facilitator, April 2024

  • Chronic Pain Management, Pain Reprocessing Therapy Certified Facilitator, May 2024

  • Seasoned yoga professional with over 10years of diversified yoga teaching experience in the areas of vinyasa, flow, yin restorative, myofascial release 

  • 200hr RYT Yandara Institute, Bali, Indonesia

  • 300hr RYT Ashely Turner, MA LMFT, California

  • Yoga for Elite Athletes, Certified, Yoga Medicine

  • Fascial Release Specialist, Certified Roll Model® Method instructor, Yoga Tune Up, California

Join me on
my journey...

My journey, like yours, starts and stops, ebbs and flows through good times and challenging times. Each step along our path leads us right to this moment....these are my steps that led me to you and connected our energy.

I would like to share with you my physical and emotional/spiritual journey to connection.

Interestingly enough both journeys involved confusion, pain, rehabilitation and perseverance...

my FOCUS &

Whether it's retreats, special experience classes or in person sessions like group or private practice, elite training, & workshops, my intention is the same.  To nurture connection within all areas of the body and mind, one of acceptance, patience, love and strength. I meet each student or group with an openness, guiding and supporting them in all ways that nurture and empower.


My multidimensional approach to teaching focuses on feeling good in all aspects of the self.  My journey, like yours, ebbs and flows through good and challenging times.  Each step along our path leads us right to this moment.  These steps have led me to you and the connection of our energy.

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