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  • Renee

Together we emerge ...strong and connected 🙏🏻

Hello my friends

I have spent much time over this quarantine thinking of our classes, our connection, the meaning of that connection ...and every time I come to the same revelation....I know my purpose in life is to connect with you and like minded souls like you share my passion to move and find strength in my body find peace in my mind and share that journey with you in hopes you resonate with it search for control over my aging body and teach you how you can find that power too. So much I want tonsured with you much to learn FROM YOU !!! I know this next phase brings more trepidation and worry maybe even fear ...I too don’t want to venture to far from my own safe space that over the past few months I have grown to love and covet. If there is anything I do know is that I have learned to loved through my fears so that I may grow and be free. I have added many new protocols to keep you safe and at peace in your yoga studio. I am ready to receive your beautiful energy in class ....together we will emerge from this cocooned time together and strong.

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