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My Approach to Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Intensity - moderate/intense (for Breathe. Connect. Flow class Mondays 630pm)

Intensity- light/moderate (Rise & Flow class Monday's 930am)

Experience is suggested

Vinyasa stand in opposition to Hatha in the transitions and speed from one posture to another. In Hatha each posture is sustain and breath flows naturally then there s a pause between postures. In Vinyasa postures are sequences together using smooth transitions, flowing from one pose to the next with breath dictating the speed of these transitions. You move with the breath and it enters and exits the body.

The word "vinyasa' can be translated as "arranging something in a special way". In vinyasa practice movement is coordinated with breath to flow from one pose to the next. Moving through a sequence of poses while using breath to flow energy inward and outward. Vinyasa has also been called 'flow' yoga because of the smooth transitions from one posture to the next. Sequences are designed to flow energy inward and outward of the body.

What to expect in my class:

To me Vinyasa yoga is a way to cultivate and build strength in the body. To connect the physical, mental or emotional bodies through breath as we search for balance, mobility, endurance and strength.

We use props if needed to help the body as we move, support proper alignment and aid in balance. Some day's we just need support and that is OK. A practice can move fast through the sequences to stimulate the energy in our body, to lift our mood, to feel strong. Practices can move slower in each sequence allowing us the opportunity to really feel the movement, feel and connection with our energy and how the muscles in the body are moving...slow is not always easier I assure you. The music tends to be quicker to encourage faster movements. The music I choose for practice tends not to be 'traditional yoga music'. I use music to express how I feel, a way to deepen my connection with my body as I am moving to the music. Deep notes, passionate groves, beats that speak to your energy. Be prepared to sing along as the music catches you.

Benefits of Vinyasa practice:

  1. building muscle strength and endurance (improving over all fitness)\

  2. cardiovascular endurance and breath control

  3. stability in the joints by strengthening and lengthening muscles

  4. helps to release stress and anxiety by releasing energy from the body

  5. increases mobility in the joints by moving through full range of motion more freely

  6. increases core stability which increases balance

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